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Breanna's Next barrel racing clinic info:

Breanna’s 2023 Barrel Racing Schedule this far is posted below. We would love to have you attend!

Text 801-989-4804 to reserve your spot for any of the clinics!

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clinic FAQ'S

What will I get out of this Clinic?

-Faster approach to the barrel pattern 

-Quicker times

-Tighter turns 

-Horsemanship to help you help your horse move in a way that wins

-Individualized help with your horse with anything you might need

What level of rider do I need to be to attend?

Any level and age of rider can come! I help take you from the level you are now to a higher level.

What do these barrel racing clinics cover?

We will be covering horsemanship basics, how to guide your horse in a comfortable and natural way. Barrel racing basics, drills, talking about how you can make faster times, body positioning and everything that goes into making that winning run! We will also be coving your mental game as well as horse care to ensure your equine athlete is up to their highest performance level!

What is the cost to attend?

Clinics are $400 for the day. I require a $200 deposit to hold your spot and the rest should be paid 2 weeks before the clinic is held. 

What does the clinic tuition include?

Clinic tuition includes all day instruction from Breanna. 

What is auditing the clinic?

Auditing a clinic cost $150. This gives you the access to watch the clinic and ask questions. You don’t bring a horse for this option.

What do I need to bring to the clinic?

You, your horse (s), all tack, any bits you use to run or warm up, running reins, split reins. If you are using a tom thumb bit please change to something different to ensure we have correct equipment. If you need bit ideas before feel free to text me.

Can I bring more than one horse?

Yes! We recommend bringing as many horses as you might need to trade throughout the day to ensure you get the best help with all your horses. If you have one horse, bring that too! 

How many riders will be at this clinic?

There will be around 10 riders at each clinic unless otherwise mentioned. 

If someone comes with me to the clinic, do they have to pay the audit fee?

I highly recommend 1 or 2 parents attend with anyone under 18 years old. Parents will not need to pay the audit fee but anyone else over the age of 9 will.

When is my tuition due?

$200 is due to hold your spot for the clinic and the rest of the $200 is due 2 weeks before the clinic date.

Are stalls or hook ups available at this clinic?

More info will be dispersed on each clinic as it is a individual situation depending on where we are holding it. 

Have a place you want me to host at? Fill this out and let me know:)