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Meet The Barrel Racing Trainer

Breanna Brown

My mission is to coach barrel racers in a way that is easy to underSTAND and brings high levels of success.

My name is Breanna Brown. I am a horsemanship focused, Barrel Racing trainer ready to help you accomplish your riding and competing goals! I strive to always explain things in an easy way that everyone can understand. Helping a horse and rider connect is one of the most important things to me as a trainer. I know success follows after that is accomplished. I also strive to really incorporate horsemanship in the way I train people to run barrels. I am not a fan of pulling on a horse. I teach in a way that allows the horse to think and not just react.

Here is a hand full of my accomplishments:
-2 Year Rocky Mountain Professional Rodeo Association Card Holder
-Competing for 10 years.
-I have trained barrel racers for 7 years.
-Assistant trainer for the Young Living Jousting horse team for 1clin 1/2 years.
-Multiple jackpot & Rodeo Winnings
-USA traveling Clinician

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